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Who we are:-
  • First of all, Mark and Andreas Apartments are based in Vera Playa in S/E Spain.
  • Vera Playa is a fully approved and designated naturist Zone lived in, and is visited by many 1000’s of people yearly
  • Mark and Andrea are a husband and wife team, and have been actively trading for more than 7 years.
  • Furthermore, during this time, we have become one of the most popular owner branded Holiday Rental accommodation providers in Vera Playa.
  • We currently own one naturist holiday apartment, and manage many others, all of them based on the very attractive coastline of Almeria in S/E Spain.
  • We offer very high quality S/c naturist apartments for vacations, which are located within the only government approved naturist zone of Vera Playa, Spain.
  • However, because of this very reason, this area has thousands of naturist holiday makers visiting every year.

Maybe your services and products could be just what they are looking for when they come on holiday ??.

Our Audience:- 
  • Our holiday booking website attracts 1000’s of verified hits weekly.
  • All our audience are dedicated holidaymakers /naturists / nudists, and furthermore, they are from manly the UK, and Europe.
  • Whilst looking for their holiday apartment availability, they also look for similarly based services to make their holiday run smoothly.
  • first of all, and most importantly, our visitors are seeking fresh inspiration to make their holidays extra special and memorable.
  • Our website is certainly well placed to target your products and services to a vastly growing holiday audience.
  • If you search for “naturist holiday apartments, Vera Playa”, we’re currently ranked at No 4 on google Search
  • Our market audience is unique, however, we have harnessed it into just one place.
  • Your service’s/ facilities may be of huge benefit to our targeted audience.
  • To advertise on our site,  Complete the form below for us to get in touch with you.

This is a targeted holiday audience, actually wanting to book a holiday, or maybe considering booking one within the next few weeks.

Examples of possible advertising could include:-
  • Car Hire, flights, shuttles/transfers Etc
  • Dedicated services for holiday makers,
  • Local Bars and Restaurants.
  • leisure activities certainly aimed at holiday makers in and around the Vera Playa Area.
  • publications aimed at the Naturist / Nudist market.

Plus many more opportunities within the scope of your business structure, and the services that you may offer

How we can help you:-
  1. Your banner advert placed on any page within our website.
  2. Adverts placed permanently, or even as a strategically placed pop up banner to suit your requirements.
  3. Furthermore, they can be set for any time span to suit your budget requirements, or even seasonally if needed.
  4. Our rates are extremely competitive, However, we can tailor make a package for you to suit your needs and requirements entirely.
  5. So if you are looking for a large audience, dedicated to holidays to advertise to, that has a consistent high rate of customer traffic, just fill in the form below today.

Tel: +34 618 068972  or E-Mail us Today

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Every now and then we send you a friendly letter with updated from ourselves and from around the Vera Playa Area.
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