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Our Property fully complies with the Spanish Tourist Board regulations set down in May 2016. Our fully approved Issued Registered Number is VFT/AL/00433

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News and Updates

18th July 2018

Another update, The shower has had a re structuring to try to cure the slight leak from the corner of the door, its basically been rebuilt on the inside, with a new floor tile fitted, and grouting inserted in every possible crevice. 

It will be checked by us whilst were here, and hopefully corrected again if the drip still occurs.

We’ve also had a New Toilet flush mechanism installed, as the last one failed and had to have a temporary repair whilst the replacement parts arrived for the repair,

One of the sockets in the kitchen has also been repaired and re-secured against the wall, as has the light switch in the bathroom, and the control box cover in the bedroom (The cover had come very loose)

16th July 2018

Just a quickie, We are finally here ourselves for a “relaxing break” we’ve driven over, so have brought new towels, and bedding to replace some that have become discoloured, and or a bit worse for wear, included also, are some face cloths, so you ladies that wear makeup can use them to save the towels (pretty please), and remove it far easier so Andrea tells me 😂😂

we’ve also brought new kettle and matching toaster, as the previous toaster was actually not toasting very well, we’ve also brought a new juicer so you can have freshly squeezed juice with your breakfast.

New Toaster

New kettle

Our new baby lemon tree, has unfortunately not fared very well in its pot, its needing lots more watering, so it’s been re-home’d, but don’t panic, it’s got its own little dedicated spot right next to a sprinkler, so hopefully, that should solve the problem and give us a little home-grown crop so you can have fresh home-grown lemons in your evening drinks on the patio. 

I had the amazingly fun task of digging the hole in 30Β°c in a solid clay based garden,  but all done, and looking good. 

(and the tans building very nicely thank you 😎

Lemon tree in pot Lemon tree new home

Feeling the love

Will catch up very shortly with new updates as they happen. 

Regards Mark and Andrea 😎😎

31st May 2018

Your News and Updates for May

2018 Award






We are tremendously proud to have been awarded the prestigious Trip Advisor Award of Excellence for 2018 and our 2nd one in as many years.

We were over the moon last year when we got the award for 2017, and this year well we are very very proud to say the least.

Thank you each and everyone of you from Andrea and Myself and our dedicated Team in Spain for submitting your reviews to Trip Advisor for your stay at our apartment.

We are pleased and proud to serve you all for your naturist Holiday apartment needs, and to as always give you the highest quality, and service you have come to expect from us.

We still have some availability from October, 2018, and 2019 is filling far too fast.

So for all you wishing to return to the apartment again, Please Please get your dates reserved ASAP as we would hate to be full on your chosen dates.

Dont forget its only a 20% deposit  to reserve your dates with us, and lock them in safely.

17th April 2018 

Your News and Updates for April.

Well the snow has gone in the UK, Easter is over, and we are pleased to see bookings are starting to appear for 2019 again, 

We still have availability left in mid October 2018 through to the end of this year for those of you that enjoy a milder climate in Spain.

And dont forget for those of you that have previously visited us, your loyalty discount is now live.

(to get your personal discount code Email me prior to making your booking)

We understand we are shortlisted again for a certificate of excellence for 2018, so our fingers are crossed for that.

It would be a wonderful achievement  to secure it for a second year running. Thank you to all of you that have done a Trip Advisor review after your stay with us.

Also, the new shopping complex is now nearly operational, with many units now open to the public. (And dont forget there is a cash-point (ATM) there too).

As always, (I know I keep saying it), But if your returning to us in 2019, Please get your reservation booked ASAP.

We would hate to not see you, as you’ve lost the dates you had planned on. (As you know were popular).

We are out ourselves in July, and are counting the days down too, We cant wait !!!!

If you need any advice or have a question, Please dont hesitate to contact us, We are here to ensure your holiday goes smoothly,


3rd March 2018 

Your News and Updates for March.

Well The UK Weather as always, never fails to disappoint us all,  minus 11 degrees in some parts of the UK (Including Yorkshire) and snow drifts to put Siberia to shame !!!

Our Garden

Thank goodness we can rely on Vera Playa to keep us warmer than we are used to in the UK. 😎😎

Good afternoon to you all, not a lot from our point of view is happening at the moment.

We have taken up NEW advertising on a new booking website as well as Holiday lets/Trip advisor.

This is NaturistBandB  (The naturist similar version of AirBnB) We felt it was beneficial as its targeted to naturists only, 

Click here to view:

This is actually live now, so anyone that is still thinking of booking for 2018/19, pull your fingers out, as even more people are now looking to book the apartment.

Also with immediate effect, we have lowered the start point for the long term discount facility to 30 days from 35 days so this should catch and give a discount to a larger group of people now hopefully keeping cost low still.

We have also made a few alterations to our terms and conditions, to take account of the new agency, discounts, and also making it a more structured form.

Click here to view the revised Terms and Conditions:

Try to keep yourselves warm and safe at this cold miserable time, we will all be in Vera at some point soon !!!



8th February 2018

The Commercial centre next to the Consum Supermarket is now completed, the entire commercial park is surrounded by 46 parking spaces in the commercial park itself, and a Bank Centre ATM will be placed on the exterior facade of the access entrance to the upper floor offices of block C.

However,  only 80% of the commercial park properties are formally taken, and they comprise of: –

  • An Estate Agent
  • An Office of Management / Advisory
  • A Branded franchise of fast food, hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Kebabs, etc.
  • A branded clothing store and accessories
  • A lingerie and accessories store
  • A Clothing, decoration and accessories shop
  • A shop of Household and decoration.
  • A Bicycle shop
  • A Multi-purpose China Shop
  • An Italian restaurant
  • A frying Outlet?
  • A restaurant with menus and tapas.
  • An Italian ice cream shop
  • A Bar and coffee shop
  • A Hairdressing / beauty center

All these businesses have committed to opening to trade with the holiday season’s, with a minimum of 9 months contractually, however, some will be open all year round.

On the facade of the access Entrance to the upper floor offices will be located a Bank Center ATM.

There are still 7 vacant premises, so more updates as we hear about them, and our understanding is the newly occupied venues will all be trading within the next 3 months if not earlier.

18th January 2018

Well we’re back and a very enjoyable time was had, as always. 

So just a few updates.  New electrics have been installed for the new boiler, that we had fitted in the latter part of last year. The UK TV has all been updated  to the latest software, and is now running as smooth as ever.

The hedges and path edges have all been trimmed and shaped, and our Lemon Tree is still full of fruit, Woo Hoo !!!!

Lemon tree

The New development at the side of Consum Supermarket is well underway for its opening date of February ish .  (See Photos)


Its alleged there are to be some high street branded clothing stores,  as well as a few designer ones. 

A cash-point which will make things far easier for everyone has also been rumoured.

But whoever takes up the available spaces (and again its alleged its all taken) it can only be a benefit to the area and a boost to local economy.

This year 2018 to be honest is very nearly full with only a few gaps early doors and the latter end of the year.

We are recommending if you want to return in 2019 for you to look to make your booking sooner rather than later.

We would hate for our regulars to miss out on specific dates.

As always if you need advice on any aspect of your holiday, don’t hesitate to contact us.

😎 😎 

4th January 2018

Happy New Year to all our friends and guests, (Both New and Exiting).

Only a few short days now, before we are over to the apartment for a small break ourselves.

Just as a note the prices are now live for 2019 both here and on Trip Advisor, and to press prices are approximately the same as 2018.

Please, whilst we know its very early, try to get your bookings in as early as your able, to avoid any disappointments.

Those of you that are regulars will confirm we do get filled very quickly.

24th November 2017

Just a quickie, as we are creeping towards the end of an amazing Year with our Apartment.  From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank all of our guests that have stayed with us, and enjoyed it as much as we do.

Its really rewarding to see new guests, and the regular return of existing guests that have previously stopped, and many New and existing ones, whom have already made repeat bookings for next year.

Without you all, None of this would be possible, so “A huge Thank you” to you all  πŸ™‚ !!!

We also Have a very special Thank you for our current guests, (R and J) who have very kindly done a lot of work around the Patio and garden.

They’ve arranged the planting and sorting of some fresh herbs and an amazing dwarf lemon tree, and all placed on the patio. 

News and Updates Lemon tree 2

Lemon Tree 2

News and Updates Lemon tree

lemon Tree

So now whilst your enjoying your evening drinks on the patio, you can pinch an “ODD ONE” and have fresh lemon to add to your drinks, So Cheers  :-).  

We are out ourselves in January for a short break, and cant wait 

We are seriously just about full, we only have vacancy’s towards the end of the year 2018 as we are nearly FULLY BOOKED 

So Thank you all again for your business. we look forward to seeing you next year.

😎  😎 

4th November 2017

We are Very Pleased and excited to announce We have been awarded a certificate of Excellence for this year 2017 from TripAdvisor. 

Thank you all for your amazing reviews and lovely comments on both sites. Without you our loyal clients, we would be nothing.

We will strive to ensure these high standards are continually met, ensuring a relaxing holiday for you at all times.

We will be proudly uploading the certificate onto our website within the next  few days.

😎 😎


10th October 2017

Well we have returned to the UK after a very busy 11 nights at the apartment, upon arrival we found the hot water boiler was leaking, so Thanks to Iain and his team, they fitted a brand new 100 Litre system which will give twice as much hot water as the previous 50 Litre version that was installed, this should allow for better access to hot water throughout the day and on demand before it runs out.

New Boiler

New 100 Litre Boiler

We’ve also sorted all the hedges around the garden and put them back into a neat shape again, 

We’ve also had installed UK TV and sorted the speed increase that we had heard rumours of, so now you have 96 channels of UK TV to catch up on whilst relaxing in the evenings, (Not that you will want to watch TV, we hope)

Thanks also to a few requests from our guests, we have purchased a shopping trolley for trips to the supermarket,and carrying those heavy water bottles around. (It has been tested and works really well)  

Shopping Trolley

Shopping Trolley Testing

So all is ship shape again, and ready for you, our guests to enjoy !!

P.S. We noted a non paying guest had sneaked into the garden, he/she popped in to say hello quite frequently Lol !!

Baby Geko

Baby Geko

Baby Geko

Baby Geko









😎 😎


11th September 2017

Thanks to a tip off from a client, our Internet wi-fi speed has been upped (Free) to 10Mb.

It will be interesting to see what speeds we actually get in Vera playa.

Also we are due to pop over in a fortnight, to make sure all is OK, and have a little break ourselves. Whilst there, we are hoping to have installed UK TV at the same time through Next (Our Internet supplier).

This will give our future guests access to UK TV whilst there. (We do spoil you all)  !!!  πŸ˜› 

Our  bookings calendar is still filling at a fast pace, so anyone thinking of booking in 2018, get your deposit paid ASAP, to secure your dates.

😎 😎


August 25th 2017

As your reading this, its obvious our Website is all up and running again with a brand new SSL certificate in Place so any private data you may submit when booking, is all safe and secure as was previously before the domain ownership change over.

Dont forget, we are also contactable on our Newly Re-Verified Facebook Page Mark and Andreas Naturist Apartments.    Make a note of the address, as we have a contact us section on there too Via the Facebook messenger system.

Dont forget, you can leave any reviews or likes on our page, which are always very much appreciated.

Its been a very demanding few days, altering all our adverts, Logo’s, Accounting details, Etc to comply with our name change to Ltd,  but we think we are finally there.

We are over to the Apartment ourselves in a few weeks, and I’m sure we will find lots to do there (Jobs Wise).

Its been a very busy year to press, and 2018 is looking like its heading the same way.

But We still cant wait to get over and have a break ourselves.

😎 😎

August 17th 2017

Mark and Andreas Apartments Ltd is pleased to announce we are now a fully Ltd UK registered Company. This is the next planned step of our growth strategy enabling us to grow.

Also to develop and create a bigger portfolio of properties for you our guests.

We are still very approachable and always will be, even though Andrea and myself are now Directors Lol !!,  and nothing will ever change for our guests and the service we provide to them, its just the background company structure that has changed for the better.

More bookings have come in for 2018, which we are really pleased about, so again we reiterate, if your wanting a visit in 2018, get your dates booked ASAP, we would hate for you to miss out.

The Corporate Tee Shirts have arrived, in Spain, I think a snail was towing them on a cart it took so long, however, Mandy is already complaining as they are too thick and White Lol !! (We cant Win)

😎 😎


July 18th 2017

We are well into July 2017 and we already we have multiple bookings for 2018, which we are delighted with, so if your thinking of booking for next year, (2018) please check our online calendar for your dates and prices, as we dont want you to lose your preferred holiday dates to someone else.

Dont forget, if you want a longer than normal stay, (35 Nights or more), a discount is costed in to to our pricing to reflect this

😎 😎


New Partnership

We are also extremely pleased to announce our brand new partnership with WorldPay to enable easier payments directly from your final invoice, All payment cards are accepted, and as an industry leader in card payments, You can be assured your dealing with a reputable company.

Don’t forget we are always here for any unexpected problems, and we have staff close on hand to the apartment to ensure your holiday continues without any hitches should any problems occur.

Our new Apartment Manageress is now raring to go, and is very popular with our current guests, She is your new main point of contact when you visit our apartment, and sadly the last when you leave   πŸ™  (See Meet our Team). 

Our Management team also has New Company Branded Polo shirts ordered and should be with them in Spain within the fortnight, so you know exactly who we are. 

Compant T Shirts

                          New Image

Dont forget Our Site Manager Mandy is there to make sure your Holiday is fun yet relaxing.

Feel free to ask her for advice on the local amenities and facilities whilst your there.

Under the new Spanish rental regulations set down from May 2016, Air conditioning/heating has to be included in the total cost of the rentals as an all inclusive fixed price. We have it fitted in the bedroom and the lounge ensuring your comfort at all times.

New Regulations

Our rental prices have now been reviewed for 2018/19, to cover increased overheads resulting from the new regulations.  A very small increase has been implemented, However, we feel we are still very competitively priced for all your pockets.

We have altered the Key deposit to Β£30,00 to cover increased security key replacement costs.  This is now in operation with immediate effect on all NEW bookings. 

This will be returned to you by Bank transfer or cheque after your holiday ends.

current Apartment Rental prices will not be altered for the 2017 periods. 

New Items completed this Year

  1. The lounge has been redecorated to coincide with the slight damage caused due to the flooding and subsequent rising damp as a result. 
  2. The slight Damp issue has Now been professionally rectified to maintain our high standards we expect for our guests,
  3. The lounge has been decorated and is now in a very neutral Magnolia shading which keeps everything bright and clean.
  4. (We have left the coin meter fitted so that if you wish,  you may donate towards the Air conditioning running costs, though we would never expect this, nor would we implement it).
  5. We have had a new Washing Machine installed as the old one was very noisy. (and we did inherit it with the apartment purchase)
  6. And to keep our very high standards we have installed a brand New dishwasher to save on the washing up.  Don’t say we dont Spoil You
New Dishwasher

New Dishwasher


New Washing Machine

New Washing Machine

Jobs done last year in 2016

  1. New WiFi has now been Re-installed from NEXT COMMUNICATIONS and we can confirm the signal is excellent
  2. Its ideal for streaming films direct from your laptop or tablet.
  3. It should also help for those all important EMAILS,  Skype and Facebook  checks.
  4. We have also had some additional storage space integrated into one of the wardrobes. This will allow for laundry and linen supplies storage for our staff.
  5. At the same time, the lounge area has been freshly re grouted to give it a clean fresh look.
  6. The Kitchen Sliding door has been removed to make access easier. 
  7. We have also fitted a second outside Patio light and switch** to make eating out on an evening, more enjoyable.
  8.  We have also altered the new walk in  shower to give a very relaxing rain fall  shower, rather than the basic adjustable one that had been fitted.   It’s really lovely “We do hope you like it too”.


Many Thanks as always To Our Maintenance Man, Iain for all his ongoing hard work.

You have had some very difficult clients. (Namely us, Mark and Andrea xx).

The best thing for us, is you all have made everything so worthwhile by keeping the apartment fully booked, and us on our toes.

It has been very enjoyable in the process. Thank You xxx.

Social Media

We have had FULL Approval and Verification granted with Google and Google Maps,

Also on Facebook and Twitter and our online presence is getting bigger by the day.

This is down to you “Our Guests” so Thank you from the both of us, it’s really very appreciated.

We are looking forward to Our established Guests returning in 2017.

Also New ones visiting for the very first time, we look forward to welcoming.

Dont forget, if you’ve really enjoyed your stay with us, or even if you didn’t.

Please Leave a us a review, so prospective new guests to our apartment can read it before deciding to book. 


Our Regards and Sincere Thanks,

Mark and Andrea & the Team (in Spain) at Mark and Andreas Apartments Ltd.


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