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Bookings and Conditions

Our apartment is fully registered with the Spanish Tourist boards and Vera Town Council.

The official Registered number for Casa Andrea is: VFT/AL/00433

These official registration Numbers for our property will be visible on all documentation, contracts and advertising by us.

The relevant Registration Number will form part of the contract between you and us for the term of your holiday.

  1. Terms and Conditions used within this document: the words “you” and “your”, refers to the client/s making the booking.
  2. The terms “We” “our” “us” “Our temporary management team” “Owners” refer to Mark and Andreas Apartments.
  3. Our temporary Management Team are external agents with direct access and control over the apartment and acting under our explicit instructions at all times.
  4. All Bookings to be made directly through Mark and Andreas Apartments at (Our own Website Booking Page) or through our Associated booking Agents.
  5. Our Associated booking Agents are (Holiday Lets Bookings, TripAdvisor, UK) & (AirBnB)
  6. By booking an apartment with Mark and Andreas Apartments you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
  7. Any matters arising from these terms and conditions are subject to Spanish law.

Apartment Address

Casa Andrea, Avenida Tortuga Boba 5, Urb Bahia de Vera 3-09, 04621, Vera Playa. Spain.

Section 1 The legal requirements

  1. Once a full holiday booking is made through our website, you will be contacted within 72 hours to confirm your booking.
  2. Should a direct long term/Short term booking be accepted, We will contact you with your details as soon as possible for your arrival at the apartment.
  3. This will include all relevant details pertaining to your stay, utilities and any agreed payment details.
  4. If you made your booking, through our Associated Booking Agents, your booking forms will be available to sign upon your arrival to complete these details.
  5. Failure to complete this Booking form will invalidate your booking with us.
  6. We will also require a scan/photo of your identity card/passport to comply with Guardia Civil regulations on your arrival.
  7. Approximately a week before your arrival, arrangements will be agreed for your arrival time to us (Normally by phone call or Email/text).
  8. Once you have arrived at your apartment, you will be personally welcomed by ourselves, (Booking forms if not completed will need to be completed by law before commencement).
  9. This is to sign in for your booking, supply your keys and show you around your holiday facilities.
  10. Your booking details will be securely & electronically transferred to the authorities upon your arrival at our apartment.
  11. We Legally require for your booking All Contact and travel document Details of all paid guests.
  12. This must also include full passports/NIE details of each registered person.
  13. This is to comply with Guardia Civil, and Tourist industry and Spanish Travel Insurance regulations, and is a legal requirement.

Section 2 Our Commitments to you:

  1. We will always treat you with courtesy and professionalism at all times.
  2. Our aim is to deliver a Holiday or term rental accommodation to you, in a clean, tidy and well-maintained state.
  3. The apartment will be fully cleaned and laundered and fresh towels and all linens are provided for you upon arrival.
  4. There will always be sufficient laundered linens left for the number of guests declared on your completed booking form.
  5. For any stays of more than seven nights, complimentary fresh towels and linen will be provided weekly. (In Advance) (Except for stays of 30 nights or more)
  6. Linen’s Etc for Short term or long Term lettings will be as agreed separately.
  7. Mid Service clean and bed linen changes are not included in the S/c apartment or Term rental package.
  8. A large Beach towel for each booked guest is also provided with the towels pack as standard.
  9. The facilities provided within our apartments (crockery, electrical items, furnishings, fixtures) will be all of a very good standard.
  10. Some Items listed may be slightly different due to recent replacement’s, or as part of our ongoing improvement procedures.
  11. We are available for the full duration of your holiday, for help on any issue that may arise with the apartments.
  12. Mark and Andreas Apartments are always available to help with any aspect of your holiday or your term booking with us.
  13. All Domestic Power Utility charges / fees are fully included within your Holiday Rental price.
  14. Long and Short term Private rentals above 90 days, do not have utilities (Electric and Water) included in the price, unless agreed separately. these will be invoiced separately to you as received by us, and must be settled by return.
  15. Any utility charges (Electric and Water) outstanding at the end of a term rental will be retained from the prepaid bond.

Section 3 Your Arrival and Departure:

  1. Check in at the Apartment is normally at 2.00 pm and Check out is by 10.00 am at the latest.
  2. This is to allow for cleaning and preparation between same day guest departures and arrivals.
  3. However, we will always try to accommodate slight alterations to early check in or late check out where practical.
  4. However, this facility will only be available, if: –
    1. The apartment is ready and serviced
    2. The apartment is not needed on the same day by new incoming guest’s
  5. Should your arrival be unexpectedly delayed, you must contact Us by phone on  (+34 618 068972)  as soon as is practical.
  6. Failure to do this, will make it not possible for you to gain access to your holiday Property.
  7. Non arrival within 48 hours after your confirmed Arrival Date with no prior arrangement / contact, will deem the Booking as cancelled by you.

Section 4 Bookings Details, Deposits, and final Payments

(4a) Mark and Andreas Apartments Website:

  1. All Direct Online Bookings, will be authorised by Mark and Andreas Apartments prior to any final balances been paid.
  2. This is to form a valid contract between both parties.
  3. Our minimum booking term is 3 nights, for Casa Andrea when booked through our own Website, or our agents.
  4. However, longer term bookings are gladly accepted if required. 
  5. We only accept bookings of a maximum of two (2) adult Persons at our apartments.
  6. All holiday costs made to us, are in Euro’s and will be converted to your local currency on our booking site automatically.
  7. When booked directly with us, a 20% deposit is required to reserve and secure your booking.
  8. Any final or outstanding payments must be paid IN FULL, no later than 2 weeks before your arrival.
  9. A Spanish bank direct Transfer facility is also available if required.
  10. You will be Invoiced in Euros for any outstanding Balance (if applicable) approximately 8 weeks before your arrival.
  11. This Invoice may be paid by clicking the pay now link through Stripe Payments on the Invoice that’s sent to you Via your E-Mail.
  12. Failure to complete this final payment will deem your holiday Booking as void and will initiate the cancellation terms.
  13. If your booking is made within 8 weeks of your arrival, Payment must be made in full to complete your booking with us.
  14. For simplicity, we follow the same procedures as our Associated Booking Agents for any holiday cancellations.
  15. Existing Bookings made through our own website are guaranteed not to increase in price at any point before your arrival.
  16. You will only and always pay what has been Invoiced to you by us in writing at the time of your booking.
  17. This includes all and any taxes, which may be imposed by the local Spanish authorities.
  18. We without prejudice, reserve the right to vary our advertised future prices at any time without notice; on all our points of sale
  19. It is therefore advisable to book well in advance on our own site, to secure the best possible secured fixed deal

(4b) Associated Agents Booking Websites:

  1. All Online Bookings through our Agents, will be authorised by Mark and Andreas Apartments prior to any final balances been paid by you, to us.
  2. Our minimum booking term is 3 nights, for Casa Andrea when booked through our Associated booking agents Websites
  3. We only accept bookings of a maximum of two (2) adult Persons at our apartment.
  4. No Long-term bookings are accepted through our agents.
  5. if you’ve booked direct through our Associated Booking Agents, all payments are handled by them in full.
  6. We have no operational control over your booking and or the Agents website operation. and only have access to your details once you have completed your payment in full for your holiday requested dates.
  7. Upon your arrival at your vacation apartment,  Mark and Andreas Apartments booking form must be signed, and photos/scans will be taken of your identity documents to comply with Guardia Civil and local tourist board regulations.
  8. Please see TripAdvisor’s Terms and Conditions here. and AirBnB’s Conditions here
  9. All holiday costs made to us through the Agent must be in Euro’s and will be converted to your local currency on the Agents booking site automatically.
  10. We without prejudice, reserve the right to vary our advertised future prices at any time without notice; on all our points of sale.

Section 5 Supplements and Extra Charges

(5a) Early and late departure supplement:

  1. This charge may be paid, only when making your booking at the discounted rate of €25.00 Euros. 
  2. However, If this facility is subsequently required, and is not made at the time of booking, it must be paid for upon your arrival at the apartment.
  3. We will check and handle these extra payments (If required) for you upon your arrival.
  4. For out of normal hours’ check-in or check out, there is a single supplementary charge of €30.00 Euros.
  5. The out of hours’ times are: –
    1. For Arrival (after 9.00 pm)
    2. For departures before 07:00 am
    3. The Apartment has to be vacated by 10.00 am to allow for cleaning between clients.
    4. If an early / late facility is not booked in advance, this facility can not be guaranteed for you upon your arrival,
    5. Please use our online booking form to choose and guarantee this option in advance when making your booking.

(5b) Electronic Safe Reset Facility:

  1. Should you forget the electronic Safe Code that you have personally set, on the installed safe, a €30.00 Euros charge may be incurred for us to reset it for you. (This is payable directly upon arrival).

Section 6 Longer Holiday Stay Facilities:

  1. This discounted facility is ONLY available when holidays are booked direct through
    1. Mark and Andreas Apartments own website
    2. This Facility is not available through Trip adviser/Holiday lets/AirBnB
  2. All/any Holiday bookings made through our Associated Booking Agents. will be at sold as advertised on their site ONLY.
  3. We always welcome longer Holiday stays at our apartment, and a generous discount has been pre-applied on the Pricing quote and checkout pages of 35 nights and longer on our own Website only.
  4. No further discounts will, or shall be applied to any long-term bookings due to already being heavily discounted up front.
  5. Should this option be chosen, A general linen allowance, and a full initial deep clean will be provided prior to your arrival.
  6. Thereafter, you will be required to maintain your own laundry through use of the supplied washing equipment within the apartment.
  7. We also expect you to care for our apartment in a way you would care for your own home.
  8. All utility charges, emergency Owner contact, and urbanisation facilities are fully included within these costs as normal.
  9. You agree to ensure that each member of your party is covered by comprehensive travel insurance and health insurance
  10. this should Include repatriation coverage, holiday cancellation, flight delays, loss and damage to baggage and other personal property

Section 7 Your Booking protection:

  1. For your protection, our Associated Booking Agents, will not release pre-authorised or paid funds till you arrive at the apartment.
  2. If booked and paid through our website, any paid funds are deposited into Our Spanish Bank account.
  3. These funds are then released to us upon your expected arrival date at the apartment.
  4. We strongly recommend the purchase of Travel insurance for your protection.
  5. If you need to cancel or amend your Booking you must write or email us as soon as practically our registered address in Spain. (E-Mail)
  6. Any cancellation or amendment will not take effect until we receive your written / or Email confirmation.

Section 8 Cancellations Procedure:

(8A) Our Fault cancellations:

  1. We under rare and certain extreme emergencies may have to cancel or amend your Booking.
  2. We would never expect to have to make such changes once your Booking is agreed between you and us.
  3. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may have to make slight alterations or extremely rarely, cancel your Booking.
  4. Should this happen, we will contact you as soon as is reasonably practical and inform you of the change to your Booking.
  5. We may, where practical offer alternative holiday dates at no extra seasonal charge’s before refunding any monies paid to us.
  6. If We do have to cancel your booking, all payments and any fees paid through our website, will be repaid in Full.
  7. However, we will not be liable to refund you for any fees you may have paid/incurred to any third party’s relating to your holiday.
  8. This includes without limitation, fees for flights, Car hire and/or insurance, entertainment, other activities.)
  9. Any refunds (If applicable) will be made ONLY by bank Transfer and/or Stripe Payment s Ltd, and within 30 days of your notification by us in writing

(8B) Cancellations by You the client  (Cancellations by you, will strictly follow these Terms.)

  1. You must quote your booking reference on any cancellation.
  2. At any time prior to the final 8 weeks before your arrival date all funds directly paid through our website against an individual booking reference will be returned to you
  3. In the final 8 weeks before your arrival date, and up to 14 days before your arrival, 25% of any monies paid to us will be retained by us in full.
  4. within the final 14 days prior to your arrival, 100% of any funds paid to us will be retained in full.
  5. We also reserve the right to charge a €35.00 Euros administration fee, should you wish to cancel your holiday with us.
  6. Any refunds (If applicable) will be made ONLY by bank Transfer and/or Stripe Payment s Ltd, and within 30 days of your notification to us in writing.

(8C) Additional Client cancellations.

  1. Non completion, signing and/or returning your completed booking form
  2. All Outstanding Booking Balances MUST be paid STRICTLY by the due Invoice dates.
  3. Failure to pay the final balance on your holiday by the due date will initiate the cancellation terms.
  4. Should you not arrive at the apartment within 48 hours of your agreed arrival time without prior notification to us.
  5. We also reserve the right to charge a €35.00 Euros administration fee, should this occur.

(8D) Cancellation due to direct 3rd Party holiday Issues

  1. Only In the event of your flight/ferry crossing being cancelled, due to your entry through the borders into Spain  being stopped in advance due to a border control Virus containment/lock-down issued by Spanish authorities, Mark and Andreas Apartments will strictly follow the cancellation guidelines set out above.
  2. It is your full responsibility to arrange adequate travel insurance, including cancellation cover, and follow their guidelines completely.
  3. In certain circumstances, and upon management discretion only, you may be offered a hold facility, allowing you to re-book the same or an alternative apartment owned by us, at a later available date, at NO extra charge.
  4. This facility will only be offered only if all outstanding monies/deposits/final balance are fully paid up to the point of the forced border control cancellation..

Section 9 Urbanisation Facilities

  1. Our guests are entitled to use all the individual booked site facilities on their accommodation site such as the pools and other accessible areas. (Where applicable)
  2. However, the operation of these facilities is outside the control of the owners of the apartment who cannot guarantee their availability or operation at any period.
  3. (However, in our experience, it is most unusual for these areas not to be operational)
  4. Guests using the pools or other facilities do so entirely at their own risk
  5. The Pools in Bahia de Vera will be electronically locked between the hours of:-
  1. June 1st to October 31st 00.00am to 07.00am 
  2. November 1st to May 31st 11.00pm to 7.00am

Section 10 Apartment Damage, Personal property:

  1. You agree to take all necessary steps to safeguard your own individual property while stopping at our apartment. (A safe is provided in our apartment for your valuables)
  2. No responsibility can be accepted for any personal injury, or any loss or damage to your personal belongings.
  3. We Strongly advise all clients to take out personal travel insurance including cancellation cover.
  4. However, this cover should also protect against any personal losses/possessions and or injury.
  5. If personal property is accidentally left by you after vacating the apartment, and is found by our staff.
  6. It will only be returned to you, upon your full prior agreement to all signature courier, with charges being pre-paid prior to dispatch by us
  7. This will be invoiced separately to you prior to returning your lost property
  8. Any damage/breakages/theft of items identified must be notified to Mark and Andreas Apartments as soon as possible. (Contact Us)
  9. This will ensure repairs/or damaged/Theft replacements to fixtures and fittings can be quickly completed.
  10. You will be asked for, and pursued for costings should any breakages and/or damages to or within our apartment exceed £75 Euros
  11. Your apartment will be checked for damage immediately after you vacate it.
  12. Upon damage discovery, you / and / or our Associated Booking Agents will be notified in writing.
  13. This will include photos and statements confirming any damage found and our requested course of action.

Section 11 Apartment rules:

  1. Onsite free kerb side Parking and the apartment facilities are strictly for clients and residents / owners only, and is always subject to availability.
  2. No excessive noise or activities after 10 pm at night.
  3. No parties or any large gatherings within the Apartments or the associated surrounding areas
  4. Please give consideration for neighbouring apartments, and privacy of other guests within the urbanisation’s. 

Section 12 Apartment Repairs ETC:

  1. Where an exceptional problem or fault occurs, we would request that our guests make us aware as soon as is reasonably possible’
  2. This gives us the opportunity to rectify the issue in a reasonable and timely manner.
  3. Most non-essential Repairs will be carried out during office hours, however, Emergencies will always be made safe ASAP,
  4. We will always make it our top priority to keep any delay and inconvenience to a minimum.
  5. We always update and replace items damaged or worn, for those of a similar or better quality, and do so on a regular basis, ensuring the best quality always, we also have onsite, comment forms/and complaints forms if required.

Section 13 Apartment Security:

  1. If you should leave the property unoccupied for any long length, please can you ensure all access doors/ and shutters are locked to ensure the safety of your personal belongings, and ours.
  2. For your added security, In all our apartments, there is an electronic safe with self-selectable access code, we recommend any items of value be placed within, to give you added peace of mind and enhanced security.
  3. To Keep the security of the Apartment, when your holiday ends, please close and lock all windows, shutters, grills and doors and ensure any garden furniture is returned to the locked store area prior to leaving, (if applicable) 

Section 14 The Urbanisation Rules, Etiquette and Your commitments as a Naturist/Nudist:

  1. Our apartment is located within a Fully Approved Naturist/Nudist Area, and nudism is expected always where it is practical.
  2. Swim wear is STRICTLY not permitted in the swimming pools and pool surrounding areas of Bahia de Vera.
  3. The pool opening times must be strictly adhered to at all times.
  4. Our guests must agree to comply with these rules whilst at our apartment, including the rules concerning conduct and behaviour as part of a fully active naturist/Nudist area.
  5. Any inappropriate public conduct or public lewd actions will break these Terms and Conditions.
  6. This could affect full cancellation of any remaining holiday booking with us.
  7. This could also warrant your expulsion from either Apartment and grounds WITH NO REFUND !!
  8. We would ask our guests to Please follow the usual Naturist hygiene guidelines when using any of the seating within our apartment, including the use of towels when naked, and to respect other people’s boundaries and personal private space.
  9. Hand sanitiser is supplied for your use at our apartment to help with Covid-19 prevention
  10. This guidelines are common sense only as you would expect and wish for yourselves.
  11. However, if you are unsure or wish any further information on these points, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Section 15 General:

  1. Please could you leave your apartment in a clean and tidy condition, as you would expect to find it yourselves.
  2. When leaving the apartment, please ensure all personal belongings, return home with you.
  3. Any surplus or waste food, groceries, refuse/rubbish are disposed of at the Refuse points outside the urbanisation.
  4. Sorry strictly No pets.
  5. STRICTLY No smoking inside the apartments.
  6. A first Aid kit and a fire extinguisher are supplied, as standard in our apartment
  7. Also there is a comprehensive listing of doctors, pharmacies and other 24 hour and contact emergency numbers.
  8. We cannot be held personally responsible for any cuts to Utility services such as water and electricity or Wi-Fi availability.
  9. These matters are beyond our control, however, are normally minimal maintenance issues should they occur

Section 16 Our Registered Business Details:

  1. Mark Goshawk, Avenida Tortuga Boba , Urb Bahia de Vera 3-09,  Vera Playa, 04621 Almeria, Espania.
  2. Our Correspondence Email address is
  3. Our Business is owned and run by Mark and Andrea Goshawk, who are fully Registered in Almeria, Spain for tax, IVA, and all associated payments
  4. For your Security, Our Bank handling facilities, and card payment facilities are handled by Stripe Payment Systems Europe, and Cajamar Rural Bank ES.
  5. All cleared funds paid to us through our own Website by you, are retained in a secure bank account. (Cajamar Rural Bank ES.)
  6. Cleared funds paid to our Associated Booking Agents are held by them, to such point you arrive in the Apartment.
  7. These same funds are also released to us at the same time as your arrival.

Section 17 How we handle your Data:

  1. We will Never sell or supply any data to Non authorised sources, or not related to actions required to secure your booking with us.
  2. Click Here for our Cookie Policy.


Certain Data Items by law we must retain for a period of 6 Years to comply with Guardia Civil and The Spanish Authorities regulations re holiday Rentals,/lets however should you wish us to delete your data details, the minimum legal details to comply with our legal obligations will be retained manually and destroyed after the elapsed 6 year period.

End: We trust you enjoy your stay with us.!!

(These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, please check our website Regularly for the very latest updates.


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